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Happily servicing the Gold Coast for over 26 years

Outdoor furniture is an important part of your outdoor lifestyle. It enhances your home and delivers comfort, style and a modern look to any outdoor area. And, when you are buying any kind of furniture, quality counts! Unfortunately, alot of products are mass produced overseas and sent here all over the world in huge shipping containers then sold for cheap prices. But a low price is no bargain if your purchase begins to fall apart or show wear and tear quickly, you want it to survive our typical Australian weather! But, these products are not designed to last in the Australian climate.  At best, these sort of outdoor furniture ranges will last two, maybe three seasons.  Then the typical thing is to throw them out (adding to the world's waste issues), then start all over again and buying a new setting. Usually from the same place! Generally though the frames will still be in good or reasonable condition, just the material has weakened and split. Instead of throwing them out, we can replace the worn sling with new UV treated fabric designed to withstand our tougher weather conditions, then you can celebrate when you get another three seasons out of your furniture,  all at a fraction of the cost of a new setting! (And you did your bit for the environment! Yay!) We have many different, modern colours to choose from.

We manufacture PVC and Metal Furniture in our Gold Coast factory and provide complete repair services including frame work and upholstery and cane recovery for all outdoor, pool and resort furniture:

  • PVC Furniture
  • Metal Aluminium Furniture
  • Sun Lounges
  • Single Chairs
  • The Repair Man Truck

 At The Repair Man, we try to keep our prices as low as we can, but keep our quality high. We frequently service a large number of Gold Coast resorts, repairing and maintaining their poolside furniture, ensuring it is always done to the highest of standards. Our reputation depends not only on the quality of our service, but most importantly on the quality of our products. We are in the process of opening a new online business that will provide, what we think to be, the BEST resort furniture available on the market today.   After repairing outdoor furniture for over 26 years, we know the best products that will withstand our tough climate and the usage involved in the Resort Industry. These products do not rust, chip, fade or peel.

Why You Should Contact The Repair Man?

  • We warrant to the original owner for two years that the frames and slings we repair to be free from manufacturing defects
  • We have the lowest prices on the Gold Coast.
  • Help the environment by reducing the amount of products thrown into landfill.!
  • We have a variety of PVC furniture including PVC Chairs, Tables, Sun Lounges and Umbrellas.  We can also make dog beds, signs or special designs at your request!
  • Unique styles, guaranteed quality and service at outstanding prices.
  • Free pick up and delivery!
  • Quick turn around!
  • We are a family run business and we strive to always look after our customers.
  • Most of all, we believe that maintaining quality of service is the most important thing in business today. We really want our customers to be happy and come back to us again and again.  

So, now that you've read all about us! Have a look around our website at all of the repair work we have done, search the photos in products and services, for your style chair or sunlounge (that will mean you have a typical, common chair or sunlounge and we will have fabric slings made up ready to go for that kind of chair/sunlounge). Then contact us if you have any questions, request a free quote or arrange a free pick-up!