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FAQs Is it really worth replacing the slings? Isn’t it cheaper to just purchase a new chair/setting?

Is it really worth replacing the slings? Isn’t it cheaper to just purchase a new chair/setting?

If you purchased your furniture from a specialty or designer outdoor furniture store, then yes, it is definitely worth replacing your slings. Buying replacement slings from The Repair Man is cheaper than buying new furniture all over again. New chairs from a specialty store will cost at least $200, but a replacement sling for a regular chair can cost you as little as $40. The metal frame of your chairs or lounges will usually still be in excellent condition and if properly cared for will last many more years.
However, if you purchased your outdoor furniture from a big store company, the answer is maybe no and maybe yes. Furniture that is bought from huge discount stores is usually imported from China. On first inspection, it looks great and the lower price is always attractive to the consumer. But, the furniture will typically last a season or two before the slings start to fray and deteriorate or some parts will begin to break. The frames are usually made of powder-coated aluminium and will remain in fairly good condition. The problem with this is there are no replacement parts such as vinyl straps, slings, cushions or parts available for repairs. The furniture is mass produced, imported via huge shipping containers and distributed all over the world. The manufacturers of this furniture did not intend for it to be repaired, it was designed to be thrown out at the end of its short life, adding to the world’s waste issues instead of being recycled. The consumer will then be encouraged to buy another product to replace it (hopefully from the same store!) to repeat the cycle.

Crazy consumerism that doesn't respect the environmental cost.

So, don’t throw away a perfectly good chair or lounge frame. Be environmentally friendly and have your furniture repaired and refurbished from The Repair Man.